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Planning a Burial

If you are seeking an immediate or imminent burial (either body or cremains):

Please email us directly at  Please include your name, phone number, relation to person seeking burial, phone number, and a good day and time to receive a phone call.

When you speak to an associate, they will take you through a step by step conversation to determine your needs, and if we are the correct fit for you.  This conversation will last approximately 15-20 minutes.  During this conversation they will inquire and record pertinent details about the person to be buried,  discuss our process, potential burial dates, and schedule a meeting at the burial grounds with one of our sextons. 

If you have not already, you will need to contact a funeral director, as Indiana does require one a funeral director for release and transport arrangements.  See our RESOURCES page for a list of who have worked with us.  

If you want more information or are interested in viewing the Cemeprairie.

If you haven't already, please visit our FAQ page and RESOURCES page.  If you still have more questions, please CONTACT us or sign up for our NEWSLETTER.  

Once again, please be aware that while your interest and questions are important to us, we are an organization comprised solely of volunteers.  We will return emails as quickly as we are able. 


We currently do not offer one-on-one tours of the Cemeprairie, but will notify newsletter recipients of future tours or events. 

If you are interested in recording your intention to be buried at WPS to family and friends.

Please fill out the BURIAL PREFERENCES FORM and submit a copy to us at and keep one for yourself and/or power of attorney. 

This form does not represent a legally binding contract on the behalf of WPS or individual. It is not a guarantee of burial at WPS. It is a form to help outline your wishes to a funeral director, power of attornery, and family and/or friends.

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