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Warren Prairie Sanctuary

Our Purpose


Warren Prairie Sanctuary, Inc. provides an environmentally sustainable form of interment, where the body is returned to the earth to decompose naturally and  support the regeneration of new life. 

We also are dedicated to environmental education, establishing community, providing resources, networking, and family support to all who are interested in an alternative to conventional burial processes.

To bring about these goals, WPS focuses on limiting burial density, enhancing natural aesthetics, and providing an enlightened, comforting, and meaningful experience for all participants and visitors.

Our Community

Warren Prairie Sanctuary aims to nurture community and deepen our connection with nature through conservation burial and sustainable deathcare.  We value the integrity, diversity and unity of all creation.

In providing resources & compassionate guidance, we aim to support our community as we seek to understand our responsibilities in the natural world.

Bee on Flower

The Cemeprairie

The WPS prairie, as known as The Cemeprairie, is a natural native Indiana prairie.  The Cemeprairie sits within a larger prairie on a rise above an oxbow of the Big Pine Creek.  Forested bluffs lead down to the creek along the north side. It is breathtaking in natural beauty with Indiana native woodland and prairie plant species.

Our practices for green burial allow only natural materials. The prairie is briefly disturbed for the opening and closing of the grave and quickly recovers to a native mix of prairie species.

WPS provides ecological stewardship to the conservation burial grounds. This stewardship may include, but is not limited to, the use of prescribed fire, removal of invasive and non-native species, planting of native species, manipulation of soils and water and drainage, planting of vegetation, or any other practice necessary to assure the ecological integrity of the prairie.

WPS is responsible for opening and closing the grave, ensuring vital soil health and minimal disruption.  However, we encourage family and friends to be pallbearers, lower the body under supervision, and fill the grave layers with pine boughs, prairie grass, and soil. 

For each burial, Warren Prairie Sanctuary, Inc. agrees to:

  • Provide burial plot

  • Determine and aid in the selection of the burial plot.

  • Open and close the grave site 

  • Authenticate, identify and maintain appropriates record of grave site locations.

  • Provide Receipt of Payment

Cost of Services:

Burial of a body:  $1450 USD

Burial of cremains: $350 USD

Additional costs to be considered for burial at the Cemeprairie include:  biodegradable burial container (shroud, casket, or urn), body transport via funeral director (required in Indiana).

WPS Board Members

Warren Prairie Sanctuary is run by a board of Indiana residents from a variety of backgrounds.  Each member is dedicated to WPS through their connection to natural burial, sustainable deathcare, and the Indiana prairie.

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